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A Short Story (for the lack of a better title)

This story is for my mom who, although she doesn't realize it, is the one who gave me this story!

"Now be proper and leave this on." Kate scolded as she retied Con's bowtie.

"Aw,Kate,come on. This was all your idea. I don't even really want to go," Con complained.

"That's why I didn't ask you. I told you instead." Kate turned toward the mirror to fix her hat."Besides,we need to go to church. It's good for us and a good example to Sam."

"All right,all right." Con grumbled.

As soon as Con hitched the horses,the Madigans left to go to church. Kate talked most of the way about the latest letter she had gotten from Maggie.

After the service,as they were heading home,Kate asked Con a question."What was the text Reverend Wellman spoke on in his sermon?"

"Well,gosh darn it,Kate! I went to church because you wanted me to and now you're quizzing me about the sermon like I'm Sam's age!" Con exclaimed,trying to quickly remember the text,knowing Kate would give him no peace until he did.

"What was it? And don't use those words on the Sabbath,please." Kate told him,sweetly,knowing full well what her husband was doing.

"Philippians.....," Con's voice trailed off."Someting about Him who gives me strength.And patience." He prayed the last part silently.

"Philippians 4:13. But I can do anything through Him who gives me strength," Kate answered.

The rest of the ride home was silent,Con resolving to pay better attention the next time they went to church."Just so long as it isn't this Wellman guy's church." He thought to himself.

All through the following week,whenver Con was home for a meal,he told Kate he wasn't going back to Reverend Wellman's church. Kate always told him he was."Besides,"she told him,"it is the closest church for ten miles."

Finally,on Friday,Kate had had enough of Con's telling her he wasn't going to church.

"You brought us into this godforsaken country in the first place! Now why won't you help bring God into it?" she asked.

"This is America,for Pete's sake! There isn't anything godforsaken about it!" Con argued back.

After a few minutes of silence Kate spoke."Church is important to me and I'd like to go. It wouldn't look proper for a married woman to go alone."

Aw,Katie! You should have told me before!" Con kissed her and Kate knew she had won the argument and that they'd go to church on Sunday.
Author's Note: This story is set after Kate and Con leave for America and before Emily comes to FMC.

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