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I have decided after seeing many websites with an "about me" page that I,too, would have one. So this page isn't really about FMC, it is about me. Anything you want to know about me will probably be here. If not, this is the internet, I don't intend to put my life story up.

For starters, my name is Sarah Lewis. I don't see the point in holding back my last name because if you email me,you'll see it. I'm a gradute of homeschool :)

I'm not going to give out my birthday but it is in May if anyone is interested. I live in Florida. I have two younger brothers and two sisters. They are ten, three, and two and five months. My sisters are actually the model for Kate and Con's baby. Everything that'll be written about her, is based after my sisters.

I like to read, write FMC fanfiction, and play around with my computer. I also help out around the house with my siblings. I'm a Christian as is reflected in my stories especially A Short Story. Right now, I'm studying the Gospels. Especially the parables of of Jesus. I'm always open to suggestions and comments and if you'd like to know something about my faith please email me about it.

Right now, my future is undecided. I've placed it in God's Hands although my ideas are to become a kindergarten teacher or a writer.I'd also like to adopt a little girl from China.

For music, I like Rebecca St.James(I've been to two of her concerts, they were awesome!), Point of Grace, and Charmaine. I also enjoy "Where You Lead I Will Follow" by Carole King and Louise Goffin. That's on the Gilmore Girls Soundtrack. For TV shows, I like Gilmore Girls(I have yet to miss an episode! I even watch the reruns!), Without a Trace and sometimes CSI.

I like Christian fiction especially Gilbert Morris, the Christy Miller series, and Beverly Lewis. My fave book at the moment is usually whatever I'm reading at the time.

Hope you've had fun learning about me!